I’m a lucky ass dude

Hahahahah 😂 this nigga!

Dreamcatchers n’ shit

Today officially marks one year for @karitzaperalta and I! Girl, you are the most amazing young woman I have ever laid eyes on! I couldn’t be happier! You really are my other half, my best friend, my lover! I couldn’t be any luckier to have such a beautiful woman love me the way you do. You truly are a gem, and for you I’d go to the ends of this world and beyond to show you the love I have for you. You deserve it all and that’s what you shall receive! I love you more than   anything baby 😘💏💎💍

My green is purple nigga




Hahahahahahha, and then there’s Pat with a shaved head and the only white boy in the mix. 

d👀bs 💣